Slovėnų dizainas

Ištrauka iš žurnalo "Domus" straipsnio (2008-XII-10), pristatančio Slovėnijos dizainą:

"In Ljubljana, the President of the Republic attended a design prize-giving ceremony on live television. In Italy that doesn’t happen, because the Bel Paese does not really believe in design, but thinks of it as reserved to the few people in that milieu or as a way of making products more pricey. A less cynical view might lead one to say that design in Italy is so widespread that it is no longer perceived as a quality to be emphasised, in that it permeates everything Made in Italy and is taken as much for granted as the sunrise or sunset. But Italy is a contradictory country, where luxury and rubbish dumps seem to be two sides of the same coin..."

Italai skundžiasi??? :)

(Nuotraukoje matomą objektą "Squareplay" sukūrė studija "Oloop design", už kurį gavo "Red Dot Award '07")


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